Avvocato Giovanni Angelo Mura

PEC studiolegalemura@legalmail.it
Codice fiscale MRUGNN51C17L093Z
Partita IVA 01224980908


Owner and coordinator.

Giovanni Angelo Mura deals with Private and Criminal Law.
Enrolled in the Register of Lawyers at the Corte di Cassazione (the highest court of appeal and court of last resort in Italy), he is authorised to practice before the higher courts.

Titolare e Coordinatore.
Iscritto all’Albo degli Avvocati cassazionisti, Giovanni Angelo Mura è abilitato al patrocinio dinanzi alle Magistrature Superiori.

Sardinia and beyond

Our main offices are located in Tempio Pausania and in Olbia, both in northeast Sardinia, Italy, where we physically operate, which includes the Costa Smeralda.

We can provide services and assist our clients, both Italian and foreign, throughout the national territory of Italy.

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